Basketball Uniform

A basketball uniform is a type of uniform worn by basketball players. Basketball uniforms consist of a jersey that features the number and last name of the player on the back, as well as shorts and athletic shoes. Within teams, players wear uniforms representing the team colors; the home team typically wears a lighter-colored uniform, while the visiting team wears a darker-colored uniform.

Different basketball leagues have different specifications for the type of uniform that is allowed on the court. Early in the history of the sport, basketball was played in any type of athletic attire, but by the 1900s, special uniforms were developed and marketed to basketball players. The style, cut, and fit of basketball uniforms evolved throughout subsequent decades, often modeled after the general fashion trends of the day.

Originally, basketball was played in any type of athletic attire, ranging from track suits to football uniforms. The first official basketball uniforms, as displayed in the Spalding catalog of 1901, featured three types of pants: knee-length padded pants, similar to those worn for playing football, as well as shorter pants and knee-length tights. There were two types of suggested jersey, a quarter-length sleeve and a sleeveless version.

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On-Ball Screens

To set the on-ball screen:

Set the screen inside the ball handler’s shooting range so the defense cannot go under the screen.
Set a strong, wide screen.
When using the screen:

Get low to protect the dribble.
Go shoulder to hip with the screener.
Run your defender into the screen.
Turn the corner and get into the lane for a shot or pass.
Extend a hedge or trap with a second dribble to force a switch, create a better passing lane or open a shot or lane to the basket when the defenders recover.
Attack; do not decide to pass before the play develops.

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Screens Tactics

Setting Screens

To set a good screen:

Headhunt: find the defender and move to him rather than relying on your teammate to run his defender into the screen.
Jump stop a half-step before running into the defender.
Set a strong screen with a wide base.
Communicate verbally (“Use me!) or non-verbally (closed fist) with your teammate so he knows that you are setting a screen.
Move opposite the cutter – if he cuts to the basket, roll high; if he cuts high, roll to the basket.
The better the screen that you set, the more likely you are to force your defender to switch or hedge, which gets you (the screener) open.

Help Defense

Team defense depends largely on a coach’s strategy. However, the overall defensive goal is to prevent easy shots and limit the offense to one shot. Stop the ball in transition and keep the ball out of the key (three-second area). When teaching man-to-man defense, the help defense concept is difficult for young players to comprehend because of the ambiguity: sometimes you defend your man, but other times, you defend another man. The important point for players to understand is that each player defends his own man, but everyone defends the ball. The priority for each defender is (1) ball; (2) basket; (3) your man. In transition, for instance, players need to understand that stopping the ball and protecting the basket take precedence over finding their own man to defend. For young players, these are hard concepts to understand.

Give and Go


Cut in a straight line toward the ball, plant and cut at a sharp angle (shape of an L) to break away from the defender.After passing, cut. Defenders often relax or turn their head to follow the ball after their player passes. This makes it the easiest time to get open.
First player (P1) passes to the second player (P2) and cuts. P2 catches and passes to P1.
If P1 is not open, he can fill an open spot or set a screen for another player. Meanwhile, another player cuts to replace his spot.
Start on the block and cut straight up the lane-line. Assuming the defender denies the pass to the elbow, step in to the defender, plant and cut to the wing.
Use a change of pace: it is not how fast you cut that determines your ability to get open. Make contact with the defender – without pushing off – to get the defender on his heels and clear a passing lane for the passer.

Cuts [Basketball Tips]


A cut is a sudden change of direction, which players use to get open or set up a screen.


Cut in one direction to set up the cut, plant and cut at a different angle (making the shape of a V).
To cut from block to block, set up the cut by cutting low; as the defender reacts to the initial cut, plant and cut over top of the defender.
To set up a screen, cut in one direction, plant and cut in another direction to rub off the screen.
Add a change of pace to the change of direction to increase effectiveness.

String Spacing Tactics

String Spacing

  • Imagine you are on a string: keep the string taut. Do not let the string get too lax or so tight that it rips.
  • When a player dribbles in your direction, you have three primary options: (1) Flare; (2) Cut backdoor; or (3) Loop.
  • If your teammate dribbles toward you, flare away from him to keep the string taut.
  • If there is no more room to flare, cut backdoor or loop behind the dribble. If you loop, keep space between you and the ball handler so your defender cannot steal the ball. Before you cut backdoor, see if there is space for the cut.
  • If he drives away from you, loop behind him to keep the string taut. Follow to the open area which the drive vacates.

[Level 1] Tactical Skills of Basketball

All offenses use the same basic tactical skills. Different offenses emphasize different skills or combine the skills differently, but if players understand the basic tactical skills, they can play in any system.

Vern Gambetta presented the idea of adapted vs. adaptable athletes. In terms of game awareness and understanding, an adapted player learns a specific offense and runs from spot to spot because the coach tells him where to go. An adaptable player understands the fundamental principles and cuts to a spot because it is the right cut or the open space, not just because the team’s offense dictates that a player cut to a certain spot.

The Flex Offense is a series of cross screen-down screen actions. However, when I learned the Flex, we never learned the basics. When we received the cross screen, we ran to the block; when we received the down screen, we ran to the elbow.

We adapted to the offense. We knew where to run within the offense, but when we left and played for a coach with a different system, we could not adapt our knowledge of screens to a new system. We knew how to use a screen specifically – provided it was within the Flex – but we never learned to use a screen generally in a way that we could adapt to any offense.


In youth basketball, spacing is often condensed because the lack of strength impacts the length and speed of passes and the distance from which players can shoot successfully. However, the more that a team spreads the court and forces the defense to defend from sideline to sideline, the more space the offense will find for open and higher percentage shots. As St Louis University Head Coach Rick Majerus says, “Offense is spacing and spacing is offense.”

Strength Training For Basketball – Weight Training Tips to Make You a Dominant Force on the Court

In today’s game good skills are not enough. If you get out-hustled, out-run and pushed all over the court by your opponent, they’re going to beat you, even if they have less talent.

Strength training for basketball players is essential for success in today’s game, even at the high school level, and is for all positions from guard to center. A good weight training program can transform your game, helping you to go up stronger, drive the lane harder, hold your own in the key and last for more minutes on the court, which means better stats, more wins and better chances of a scholarship.

In this article I’m going to show you 3 weight training principles that will help you to gain more muscle mass, but keep it functional, strong and explosive, which will help you to play better basketball.

Progressive Overload

The idea of progressive overload is a muscle building principle that top bodybuilders use and has been proven as one of the most effective techniques to help skinny guys pack on muscle mass and gain crazy amounts of strength.

The technique relies on constantly increasing the amount of weight you lift each time you go to the gym, so that your body is always forced to adapt and grows muscle faster to compensate for the increased load.

Making progressive overload a part of your strength training for basketball workouts will ensure you are constantly building muscle mass AND increasing strength and power.

High Intensity and Periodization

Making sure your strength and weight training for basketball workouts are high intensity is a second key factor in increasing your strength. Many guys fail to keep their workouts at a high intensity with short disciplined rest periods.

You need to get in and get out of the gym, in less than an hour. Performing your workouts at high intensity will help you do this, plus you’ll see an added benefit in increased strength and muscle size.

Periodization is important to keep your workouts varied and prevent you seeing a plateau in your muscle and strength gains. It relies on you changing up your workouts regularly so that your body does not get used to one type of training.

This is especially important for basketball players as your strength training for basketball routines need to be flexible and varied anyway, reflecting the different physical aspects of the game – strength and power, speed and agility, and explosiveness.

3:1 Rep Tempo For Explosiveness

To improve your explosiveness try incorporating a 3:1 tempo in your strength training for basketball routines. For example, if you are performing a bench press, the down part should take you 3 times longer than the up part (which should be explosive).

This technique is a great way to work on your explosiveness and recruit maximum muscle fibre throughout the exercise, giving you an added bonus of extra gains in muscle mass.